• Training


One of the missions of the QCBS is to promote learning programs on an international scale in biodiversity science and to provide an ideal working environment here and all over the world for students in their field of study.

Workshops by the Research Professionals

The QCBS team includes Research Professionals who organize and lead training workshops for students and researchers within the QCBS as well as anybody else who is interested. To learn more…

Learning and Development workshops with QCBS students and postdoctoral fellows

QCBS students and postdocs are currently developing a series of R statistics workshops that will introduce quantitative methods commonly used in biodiversity science. The workshops will be offered this coming Fall and Winter. Please click here for further information.

Biodiversity Science Intensive Course

A Biodiversity Science Intensive course is organized each year by QCBS which brings together the expertise of QCBS researchers under the lead of a course coordinator. To learn more…

The following is hosted and organized by the QCBS partner universities each year:

QCBS co-organizes other intensive courses to which student members have privileged access:

Courses relevant to biodiversity science

The list of courses relevant to biodiversity science offered by partner Universities of the QCBS is available on the website. To learn more…