The goal of QCBS student network is to promote and structure student involvement in the life of the QCBS. We are focused on fostering:

-Advanced training in the latest tools and techniques in biodiversity science.

– Create a supportive learning environment based on gathering and sharing experiences.

– Professional development so that our students are highly competitive for employment in biodiversity research, management and conservation in Quebec, Canada and beyond.

– Leadership opportunities so that our students gain experience in the process of designing and directing research, communicating findings, and translating that knowledge into action.

Learning and development communities

The LEArning and Development community concept emerge in 2012 from graduates student and post-doctoral QCBS members, who propose substantial contributions towards the training and learning experience of graduate students and faculty beyond established academic courses within the QCBS network.

It is the experience of McGill students establishing a Montreal user group R that served as inspiration for the development of the LEArning Development community
Graduate student led efforts provide a new and an incredibly dynamic learning environment, in the form of several activities like learning clubs, speaker series and user groups within the context of the QCBS network.

What do students become?


PhD Fellow in ancient DNA of cryptogams in northern ecosystems

UiT in Tromsø, Norway | Posted: 2023-03-18

Indigenous Botany Collection Technician, Research and Collections

Canadian Museum of Nature, Gatineau, QC | Posted: 2023-03-08

Climate and landscape effects on Ecosystem services in agricultural areas along a European gradient

University of Rennes, UMR-CNRS ECOBIO, FRance | Posted: 2023-02-07