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Who is a student member of the QCBS?

You are a student member if you are currently a graduate student or postdoc, your supervisor or co-supervisor is a member of the QCBS , and you have a QCBS profile page. Research staff and undergraduate students who are actively working in the lab of a member can also become members.
See if your supervisor is in the list of regular members here

How can I be added to the QCBS database as a STUDENT member, to my supervisor’s profile page, and obtain my own student profile page?

You simply need to fill the form below. We will confirm your submission shortly. Please fill the password recovery form if you have forgotten your existing QCBS ID and/or password.

Create your student profile and become a member

As a student member of the QCBS, what resources can I access?

I have a QCBS profile, but I forgot my QCBS ID or password. How can I retrieve them?

Simply visit this page and enter the email address you used to create your profile. If you don’t receive the email with the details, please check your spam folder.

Recover your password and QCBS ID

How can I be removed from the QCBS database and website?

Simply enter your student profile form and click the box at the bottom that specifies that you want your information removed from the website.

Click here to access your QCBS profile

How can I contribute to activities of the QCBS?


How do I become a member of the QCBS AS A REGULAR RESEARCHER?

Send the following information to the QCBS Coordinator (info@qcbs.ca)

  • A request letter, including a description of your research and how it relates to one or more of the QCBS’s four biodiversity science research axes
  • A current CV
  • A letter of support from a member of the QCBS

Your application will be evaluated by the QCBS Scientific Council.

Note: To become a QCBS member, you must have the status of researcher (PhD CE, CHU, CHA or CHG status).

As a member of the QCBS, what resources can I access?

How do I update my QCBS profile and my list of students?

  • This can be done easily through the Member Access area. 
  • Note that it is very important to specify when each student finishes their program of study, and to update the info if it changes. 
  • Publication lists should be updated automatically, but if you see anything that is missing, please send the info to info@qcbs.ca

How can I contribute to activities of the QCBS?