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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems with QGIS and GRASS

Thursday, February 28 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM to Friday, March 1 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM

McGill University - McIntyre building.

Introduction to R markdown for webpage/pdf/word documents

Tuesday, March 5 2019 01:00PM-05:00PM

local S3/4, stewart biology building, McGill University

Introduction to graphic design and image manipulation with Inkscape and GIMP

Tuesday, March 26 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM

UQAM - Biologie - SB-R830

Advanced open source tools for spatial analysis

Tuesday, April 16 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM to Tuesday, April 16 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM

McGill University - Stewart Biology Building - Room S3/4

Introduction to database management and form creation with open source tools

Tuesday, April 30 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM to Wednesday, May 1 2019 09:30AM-04:30PM

McGill Stewart Biology bldg. Room 3/4

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