While a good number of the highly qualified personal that is trained through the QCBS pursues an academic career, many will choose career in organizations, or in the private and public sectors. At the QCBS, we are dedicated to fostering the professional development of our members by allowing them to develop marketable skills and by exposing them to an entrepreneurship culture that is specific to their field of expertise. 

To do so, we offer

  • An initiation to entrepreneurship.
  • An exposure to a new type of learning that allows students and researchers to better communicate with stakeholders in socio-economic development. 
  • Important training opportunities for professional development (mediation, conflict management, etc.)
  • A targeted support to nurture new business ideas (incubation) and support for entrepreneurship development (mentoring). 
  • Partnerships with organisations that have the relevant expertise to support the QCBS in this process. 

Future Economic prosperity and our ability to tackle the current and future challenges of the biodiversity crisis depends as much on our scientific abilities as on the quality of upcoming entrepreneurs.