The QCBS represents a source of research and training excellence in biodiversity science primarily for the research community but also for regional and provincial governments and citizens. The QCBS training program promotes symposium and workshops organized by and for the QCBS network members, which are also open to a larger audience when space is permitting. The QCBS symposium and workshop series grant are intended for QCBS researchers, and have for objectives to foster a learning environment where graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals, a) are exposed to high quality learning environment and to b) have access to stimulating high profile invited speakers and QCBS researchers. The QCBS symposium and workshop series offers up to 3 to 6 grants per year (depending on the amount for each event) to co-fund  the organization of events within the QCBS network. Detail on the award Submission guidelines No application deadline: contact Philippe Auzel, the QCBS coordinator, with your proposal.