For questions, please contact You may be able to submit applications by email. Online forms are available for certain awards.

QCBS Excellence Award

Apply before

January 31, April 30 & September 30


Who can apply: QCBS graduate students or QCBS postdocs

Purpose: Conference, workshops and internships (field and lab)

Amount: Between $500 and $2000


Apply Online 


 QCBS Biodiversity Science Discovery Awards

Apply before

 March 15


Who can apply: Undergraduate students

Purpose: Internship with a QCBS member

Amount: maximum $1500

Apply online



 QCBS Intensive Courses Awards 

Apply before

 No deadline


Who can apply: QCBS graduate students

Purpose: QCBS intensive course

Amount: non-tuition fees



Learning development award

Apply before

No deadline

Who can apply: Group of QCBS students

Purpose: Learning clubs and user groups

Amount: maximum $500


Globalink FRQNT-Mitacs Research Awards 

Apply before

February 12th, 2023

Who can apply: QCBS graduate students

Purpose: International internship

Amount: maximum $6000