Kyle Elliott

Assistant Professor,
McGill University

Department of Natural Resource Sciences
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  • Doctorate, Biological Sciences, The University of Manitoba - 2014
  • Master's Thesis, Zoology, The University of Manitoba -2007
  • Bachelor's Honours, Physics & Mathematics, University of British Columbia -2003
  • Bachelor's Honours, Conservation Biology, University of British Columbia -2003


The impacts of climate warming are greatest in the Arctic. The ecological energetics of top predators integrates information over many scales, thus providing unique opportunities to assess ecosystem change. As food used by northern people, top predators also provide early warning signals for changes in human health. How does reduced ice affect marine wildlife? What does the changing ecology of seabirds tell us about arctic ecosystems? These questions will be investigated using cutting-edge physiological and biologging tools to better understand the ecological mechanisms associated with a changing Arctic and to help ensure the environmental security of Arctic communities.

QCBS students

Emily Choy

Postdoctoral fellow
Other (co-)supervisor: Grant Gilchrist
(Start: 2018)
Foraging energetics of thick-billed murres and the effects of environmental change
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Émile Brisson-Curadeau

Other (co-)supervisor: Charles-André Bost
(Start: 2019, End: 2023)
Impact of Extreme Climatic Events on the Foraging Behaviour and Breeding Success of the King Penguin

Amélie Fontaine

Other (co-)supervisor: Craig Willis & Quinn Fletcher, University of Winnipeg
(Start: 2017)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Anouk Simard
Optimizing the conservation of Myotis bats of Quebec through the monitoring of maternity colonies

Thomas Lazarus

(Start: 2015)
Quantifying seabird distribution in relation to resources development and associated shipping activities in the Arctic

Don-Jean Léandri-Breton

Other (co-)supervisor: Olivier Chastel (CEBC-CNRS, France)
(Start: 2018)
Interactions saisonnières er physiologie du stress chez un oiseau marin nichant dans l’Arctique

Rebecca McCabe

Other (co-)supervisor: Jean-François Therrien, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
(Start: 2017)
Linking individual movements to population-level processes: the winter ecology of Snowy Owls in North America

Francis van Oordt

(Start: 2017, End: 2021)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Andrew Hendry
Foraging ecology of Peruvian resident seabirds

Shannon Whelan

(Start: 2017)
Foraging plasticity in Arctic seabirds

Angelika Aleksieva

(Start: 2015)
Pentosidine in age determination of Black-legged kittiwakes

Ana Morales

Other (co-)supervisor: Barbara Frei, McGill Bird Observatory
(Start: 2017)
Migration and stopover strategies in moult-migrant Swainson's thrushes: An automated telemetry study

Catherine Destrempes

Other (co-)supervisor: Marie-Andrée Giroux Université Moncton
(Start: 2018, End: 2020)
Identification of the literature readily available on allochthonous input of marine resource in the Arctic terrestrial ecosystems

Previous students (since 2009)

Esteban Góngora

Other (co-)supervisor: Lyle Whyte, McGill University
(Start: 2016, End: 2018)
Characterization of the Microbiome of Thick-billed Murres and its Association with Prey Specialization and Mercury
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Ashley Hanas

Other (co-)supervisor: Jessica Head, McGill University
(Start: 2016, End: 2018)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Jessica Head
Effect of contaminants on avian corticosterone and associated behaviour

Juliana Balluffi-Fry

(Start: 2015, End: 2015)
A Comparison of the Bird Biodiversities across Different Habitat Types in Kenauk Nature Game Reserve

Erin Brown

(Start: 2017, End: 2017)
Energetics of prey switching by Black Guillemots due to environmental changes

Gabrielle Ednie


Using UAVs: a behavioural study of bats

Philippe Grenier

(Start: 2018, End: 2019)
Exposure of alpine ospreys to persistent organic pollutants

Mathilde Guglielmi

(Start: 2018, End: 2018)
Refining the Use of Automated Radio Telemetry for Studying Bird Migration

Kristen Lalla

Other (co-)supervisor: -
(Start: 2015, End: 2018)
Fitness, senescence, and foraging behaviour in the Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)

Eric Ste Marie

(Start: 2015, End: 2018)
Estimating the flight and dive costs of a small arctic seabird, the dovekie (Alle alle)

Alice Sun

(Start: 2018, End: 2019)
Logging movement of rhinoceros auklets and its impact on reproductive success

Catherine Villeneuve

(Start: 2015, End: 2016)
Using accelerometers to determine fine-scale behaviours of thick-billed murres
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Examples of species studied

Uria lomvia
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Porichthys notatus
Melospiza melodia
Boreogadus saida
Brachyramphus marmoratus
Molothrus aeneus
Turdus grayi
Drosophila melanogaster


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1- Bald eagles, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, feeding on spawning plainfin midshipman, Porichthys notatus, at Crescent Beach, British Columbia
Elliott, KH, Struik, CL, Elliott, JE
2003 Canadian Field-Naturalist (Date Added: 2015-01-23)

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