Elena Bennett

Assistant Professor,
McGill University

Department of Natural Resource Sciences
E-mail: elena.bennett@mcgill.ca
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University of Wisconsin (1999-2002)
Ph.D., Limnology and Marine Sciences

University of Wisconsin (1996-1999)
M.Sc., Land Resources

Oberlin College (1990-1994)
B.A. Cum Laude, Biology and Environmental Studies, Minor in Chemistry


Research in the Bennett lab centers around questions about ecosystem services, the things people get from ecosystems. Humanity has always depended on the services provided by ecosystems, including products such as food, freshwater, and fiber, (provisioning ecosystem services, ES), nonmaterial benefits such as places for recreation and inspiration (cultural ES) and benefits obtained by regulation of ecosystem processes, such as flood control and climate regulation (regulating ES, MA 2005). A growing body of evidence indicates that most ecosystem management, which attempts to maximize one ecosystem service (ES) at a time, actually makes ecosystems vulnerable to substantial declines in other services. For this reason, recent studies have called for increased attention to managing multiple ES together. However, effective management of multiple ES is impeded by inadequate understanding of the interactions among ES and the slowly changing variables that appear to regulate these interactions. We are interested in how the types of ecosystem services interact across the landscape and how we can manage landscapes to provide multiple ecosystem services.

Much of our research on multiple ecosystem services currently focuses on the trade-offs between agricultural production and water quality. Phosphorus (P) is a key pollutant responsible for eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems. Excessive P in lakes can lead to symptoms such as noxious algal blooms, increased aquatic plant growth, foul odors of rotting algae, and oxygen depletion. These symptoms can lead to loss of the economic, ecological and aesthetic value of lakes by restricting use for drinking water, fisheries, and recreation. The detrimental affects of eutrophication have stimulated efforts to understand and control eutrophication.

P can accumulate in soils due to fertilizer or manure use. High soil P concentrations may inhibit management of eutrophication, setting the stage for decades or even centuries

Prizes and honours

Leopold Leadership Fellow, 2011

QCBS students

Amaia Albizua

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2017, End: 2020)
The Role of Social Capital for Agrarian Ecosystem Services Co-construction
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Luz Aida Martinez-Melendez

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2014)
Ecosystem services, food security and climate change in North America

Erin Crockett

(Start: 2015)
Historical and Future Changes in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Marianne Falardeau

(Start: 2014)
Impacts of climate change and industrialization on arctic marine food webs and ecosystem services
Personal page

Jesse Rieb

(Start: 2015)
Incorporating landscape structure and spatial relationships in ecosystem service models

Julie Botzas-Coluni

(Start: 2017)
Evaluating the effects of farmland heterogeneity on ecosystem services in the Montérégie

Isabella Boushey

(Start: 2017)
How can McGill University increase local carbon sequestration on campus?

Previous students (since 2009)

Sylvestre Delmotte

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2013, End: 2015)
Developing a model for the participatory assessment of scenarios related to policies and land use change and their consequences on the ecosystem services provision.
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Delphine Renard

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2012, End: 2015)
Historical Ecology and Ecosystem services

Meagan Schipanski

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2009, End: 2010)
Role of trade in global phosphoruc cycling

Amy Villamagna

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2010, End: 2011)
Ecosystem services in the Albemarle Pamlico: Assessing demand and provision

Dalal Hanna

(Start: 2015, End: 2020)
Conservation implications of interactions among ecosystem services along riverine gradients
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Mi Lin

Other (co-)supervisor: Asim Biswas, Guelph University
(Start: 2015, End: 2020)
Spatio-temporal changes of groundwater and its management in the Yellow River basin, China
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Graham MacDonald

(Start: 2009, End: 2012)
Human impact on global phosphorus cycling

Dorothy Maguire

(Start: 2010, End: 2015)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Christopher Buddle
Functional diversity of canopy arthropods in fragmented forests

Geneviève Metson

(Start: 2011, End: 2014)
Connecting Solutions and Problems: Incorporating Local Context in Phosphorus Management

Matthew Mitchell

(Start: 2009, End: 2013)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
Effects of forest patch size and isolation on ecosystem service provision and biodiversity in an agricultural landscape
Personal page

Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne

(Start: 2004, End: 2009)
Managing Trade-offs:Understanding Ecosystem Service Bundles in Southern Quebec

Juno Garrah

Other (co-)supervisor: Timon McPhearson, The New School
(Start: 2018, End: 2020)
Connecting Bright Spots and Local Community Stewardship in New York City

Daniel Haberman

(Start: 2014, End: 2016)
Managing Ecosystem Service Bundles in Urban Areas and the Surrounding Landscapes.

Anna Kusmer

Other (co-)supervisor: Nicolas Kosoy, McGill University
(Start: 2015, End: 2017)
Linking historic water quality to phosphorus cycling in the Saint Lawrence Basin
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Kate Liss

(Start: 2010, End: 2012)
The role of landscape structure in the provision of ecosystem services in the Montérégie
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Robin MacKay

(Start: 2007, End: 2010)
The Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) Adoption Index

Josee Methot

Other (co-)supervisor: Nicolas Kosoy, McGill University
(Start: 2010, End: 2013)
Ecosystem services and smallholder food security in rural Guatemala – linking multidimensional food security to agricultural ecosystem services.

Laura Pfeifer

(Start: 2007, End: 2009)
Understanding nutrient flux in urban ecosystems

Stephanie Shumsky

(Start: 2011, End: 2013)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Gordon Hickey
Wild edible plants (WEPs) and their contribution to food security: An analysis of household factors, access and policy in the semi-arid midlands of Kenya.
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Jillian Treadwell

Other (co-)supervisor: Grant Clark, McGill
(Start: 2014, End: 2016)
Phosphorus Cycling and Organic Waste Management on the Island of Montreal
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Carly Ziter

(Start: 2011, End: 2013)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
The impacts of forest fragmentation on carbon storage and biodiversity in Monteregie, QC
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Noémie Roy

(Start: 2018, End: 2019)
Evaluating the biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service provision potential of the network of marine protected areas in the St. Lawrence


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