Amaia Albizua

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Elena Bennett
Start: 2017-04-10
End: 2020-10-01
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The Role of Social Capital for Agrarian Ecosystem Services Co-construction
Many valuable habitats and the biodiversity and ecosystem services they encourage rely on farming systems. However, farmers — driven by competitive pressures— increase specialisation and intensification in some areas declining the maintenance of their lands quality for the long-term. Social connections and their information and resources exchanges have a prominent role on farming practices decision-making and therefore their ecosystem services co-production. Here we analyse the case of farmers’ networks in Artajona, a village in Navarre (Spain) where large-scale modern irrigation technology has been introduced leading to an agrarian intensification process. We aim to understand the relative importance social capital may have for the co-construction of agrarian ecosystem services. A social network analysis approach allows us recognising agents and communities within the whole network role(s) in agrarian land management. We identify formal and informal structures, and explore how those link to views of their land management effect over ecosystem services co-production and land management practice itself. Our findings show significant correlations between respondents' views.