Klara J. Winkler

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Elena Bennett
Start: 2018-10-01
End: 2023-09-23


1- A classification to align social-ecological land systems research with policy in Europe
Winkler, Klara J., Murray W. Scown, Kimberly A. Nicholas
2018 Land Use Policy

2- Adoption of the ecosystem services concept in EU policies
Bouwma, Irene, Christian Schleyer, Eeva Primmer, Klara Johanna Winkler, Pam Berry, Juliette Young, Esther Carmen, Jana Špulerová, Peter Bezák, Elena Preda, Angheluta Vadineanu
2018 Ecosystem Services

3- Assessing Ecosystem Services and Multifunctionality for Vineyard Systems
Winkler, Klara J., Joshua H. Viers, Kimberly A. Nicholas
2017 Frontiers in Environmental Science

4- Interlinking ecosystem services and Ostrom’s framework through orientation in sustainability research
Partelow, Stefan, Klara J. Winkler
2016 Ecology and Society

5- More than wine: Cultural ecosystem services in vineyard landscapes in England and California
Winkler, Klara J., Kimberly A. Nicholas
2016 Ecological Economics

6- Opportunities and challenges for mainstreaming the ecosystem services concept in the multi-level policy-making within the EU
Schleyer, Christian, Christoph Görg, Jennifer Hauck, Klara Johanna Winkler
2015 Ecosystem Services

7- Ramsey Discounting of Ecosystem Services
Baumgärtner, Stefan, Alexandra M. Klein, Denise Thiel, Klara Winkler
2014 Environmental and Resource Economics

8- Reviewing drivers of ecosystem change as input for environmental and ecosystem services modelling
Hauck, Jennifer, Klara J. Winkler, Joerg A. Priess
2015 Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology

9- Shades of Greening: Reviewing the Impact of the new EU Agricultural Policy on Ecosystem Services
Hauck, Jennifer, Christian Schleyer, Klara J. Winkler, Joachim Maes
2014 Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems