Carly Ziter

McGill University
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
Elena Bennett
Start: 2011-10-01
End: 2013-09-01
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The impacts of forest fragmentation on carbon storage and biodiversity in Monteregie, QC
My MSc. work focuses on the contribution of forest fragments to climate regulation: the ability of fragmented forests to store CO2. I am investigating the effects of different patterns of forest fragmentation (size and connectivity of fragments), and local forest management, on aboveground carbon storage and biodiversity. I am interested in determining whether we can manage for "win-win" scenarios, where both carbon stocks and biodiversity are high, or if one outcome occurs at the expense of the other. I use a mixture of satellite data, field-based methods, and allometry to try and answer these questions in the Montérégie, QC, a region characterized by a fragmented maple-beech forest ecosystem within a soy-corn agricultural matrix. I hope the outcome of this research can influence management decisions, and help landowners recognize their contributions to conservation and ecosystem service provision.


ecosystem services, biodiversity, connectivity, Forest fragmentation, carbon


1- Variability in ecosystem service measurement: a pollination service case study
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2- Functional diversity and management mediate aboveground carbon stocks in small forest fragments
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3- Nutrients and defoliation increase soil carbon inputs in grassland
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4- Climate change and voltinism in Californian insect pest species: sensitivity to location, scenario and climate model choice
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