Marie Dade

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Elena Bennett
Brian Robinson, McGill University
Start: 2019-01-07
End: 2021-01-11
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Identifying tools and approaches to manage sustainable landscapes
My research focuses on how we can better manage multiple ecosystem services (the benefits people receive from ecosystems) across landscapes. In particular, I am interested in understanding how different policies and management actions influence how we access ecosystem services, and how we can use this information to better manage multiple ecosystem services simultaneously across landscapes. By identifying the policies and management actions that increase access to multiple ecosystem services, we can implement better strategies that promote sustainable landscapes where ecosystems can provide services to growing human populations.


Land Use Change, ecosystem service measurement, Sustainablity


1- Assessing ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies: The need for a more mechanistic approach
Dade, Marie C., Matthew G.E. Mitchell, Clive A. McAlpine, Jonathan R. Rhodes
2018 Ambio

2- An evaluation of participatory mapping methods to assess urban park benefits
Brown, Greg, Jonathan Rhodes, Marie Dade
2018 Landscape and Urban Planning

3- Mapping a new future: using spatial multiple criteria analysis to identify novel habitats for assisted colonization of endangered species
Dade, M. C., N. Pauli, N. J. Mitchell
2014 Animal Conservation