Geneviève Metson

McGill University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Elena Bennett
Start: 2011-09-01
End: 2014-12-01


Connecting Solutions and Problems: Incorporating Local Context in Phosphorus Management
People have significantly altered the phosphorus (P) biogeochemical cycle, changing P flows between ecosystems and modifying the geographic distribution of P stocks around the world. Anthropogenic changes to the P cycle pose a two-sided problem. On the one hand, we face scarcity of non-renewable mined-P resources. The role of P in food security and water quality make sustainable P management a globally pressing issue, but with notable local variability. Our understanding of the role of historical, biophysical, economic, political, and cultural contexts on regional P cycling remains weak, especially with regards to urban area. In her thesis, Genevieve focuses on gaps associated with concurrently examining the pollution and scarcity aspects of P cycling, focusing on the role of human diet and urban areas to eventually facilitate the implementation of effective P management solutions.


phosphorus, sustainability, urban agriculture, cities, food


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