Mapping social structures for sustainability transformation at McGill University, Canada
Member(s): Elena Bennett
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Towards a modular theory of trophic interactions
Member(s): Tomas Roslin
Functional Ecology 2021 (Added: 2021-11-25)

Letter in reply
Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2021 (Added: 2021-11-21)

Synthesis of Thresholds of Ocean Acidification Impacts on Decapods
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 (Added: 2021-11-19)

Burrowing star-nosed moles (Condylura cristata) are not hypoxia tolerant
Member(s): Pierre Blier
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A molecular-based identification resource for the arthropods of Finland
Member(s): Tomas Roslin
Molecular Ecology Resources 2021 (Added: 2021-11-12)

Seasonal variations in migration strategy of a long-distance Arctic-breeding seabird
Member(s): Joël Bêty
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2021 (Added: 2021-11-12)

ABWiSE v1.0: Toward an agent-based approach to simulating wildfire spread
Member(s): Liliana Perez
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 2021 (Added: 2021-11-08)

Of war, tusks, and genes
Member(s): Fanie Pelletier
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Selective Interference and the Evolution of Sex
Member(s): Sarah Otto
The Journal of heredity 2021 (Added: 2021-11-05)