Global root traits (GRooT) database
Global Ecology and Biogeography 2020 (Added: 2020-09-16)

Equal fitness among alternative mating strategies in a harem polygynous insect: Equal fitness among alternative morphs
Member(s): Clint Kelly
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2020 (Added: 2020-09-06)

Breeding seabirds increase foraging range in response to an extreme marine heatwave
Member(s): Kyle Elliott
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2020 (Added: 2020-09-03)

The future for ATBC conservation declarations
Member(s): Sophie Calmé
Biotropica 2020 (Added: 2020-09-01)

Sea ice increases benthic community heterogeneity in a seagrass landscape
Member(s): Christian Nozais
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 2020 (Added: 2020-08-31)

Socio-eco-evolutionary dynamics in cities
Member(s): Andrew Hendry
Evolutionary Applications 2020 (Added: 2020-08-29)

Recent declines in salmon body size impact ecosystems and fisheries
Member(s): Andrew Hendry
Nature Communications 2020 (Added: 2020-08-29)

The burden of osteoporosis in Turkey: a scorecard and economic model
Archives of Osteoporosis 2020 (Added: 2020-08-22)

Investigating the Effects of Panethnicity in Geospatial Models of Segregation
Member(s): Liliana Perez
Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy 2020 (Added: 2020-08-22)