Jeffrey Cardille

Associate Professor,
McGill University

Department of Natural Resource Sciences
21 111 Lakeshore, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec. H9X3V9
Tel: 514-398-7902
Personal page

Postdoctorate, GRIL - Université du Québec à Montréal, 2006
Postdoctorate, University of Winsconsin, 2005
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 2002

The increasing availability of spatial data and analytical software as well was the growth of the calculation capacity of computers have opened up new opportunities for understanding ecological phenomena. Thus, maybe for the first time in the history of mankind, we now have the possibility to visualize, conceptualize and analyse the relationships between ecological processes and spatial patterns at a range of spatial scales, particularly at a regional scale. This favorable and strongly emerging context presents new opportunities and new challenges for ecologists. Two specific goals of the program are: (1) to create and test a model that explicitly simulates the active ecological processes within Quebec landscapes characterized by an abundance of lakes and (2) to understand the connections between the ecological processes and the spatial traits present in forest ecosystems of Quebec. This original work that aims to understand the explicit spatial character of ecological issues participates in the motion of recent progress achieved by the scientific community on this issue.

My research interests are: landscape ecology, modelling ecosystems at regional scales, spatial planning, climate change, geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing, fusion of spatial data, regional patterns of spatial planning, global environmental change, and earth science.

QCBS students
Morgan Crowley, Ph.D.
(Start: 2017)

Thesis title: Large-scale and near-term change detection using Remote Sensing
Link to thesis (pdf)
Personal page
Xavier Giroux-Bougard, Ph.D.
(Start: 2015)

Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Murray Humphries
Thesis title: Monitoring movement, seasonal range and sexual segregation in barren ground caribou herds of the Northwest Territories
Previous students (since 2009)
Tara Holland, Ph.D.
(Start: 2007, End: 2008)
Thesis title: Land-cover Patterns and Disturbance Risk in Ecozones of Canada
Alexis Dorais, M.Sc.
(Start: 2008, End: 2011)
Thesis title: Borneo: understanding the dynamics of land use conversion for palm oil
Rodolphe Gonzalès, M.Sc.
(Start: 2007, End: 2009)
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