France Dufresne

Associate Professor,
Université du Québec à Rimouski

Département de Biologie
300, allée des Ursulines, C. P. 3300
Rimouski, Québec
Tel: 418-723-1986 poste 1223
Fax: 418-724-1849
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Postdoctorate - Population genetics : 1999,Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Postdoctorate - Population genetics: 1998, Université Laval
Doctorate - Zoology: 1995, University of Guelph
Master's - Biologie:1990, Université Laval
Bachelor's: 1987, McGill University

The various kinds of research done in my lab all use different levels of organisation to answer questions of evolutionary biology. My current work is focused on the evolutionary aspects linked to polyploidy in caldocerans. We examine the effects of chromosome duplication on the physiology and ecology of freshwater invertebrates. Thanks to genome sequencing of the water flea, Daphnia pulex, we have new tools to characterize genomes. Additionally, we are interested in genes that control the body size of the daphnia. This characteristic is crucial to evolutionary biology because it is linked to reproductive fitness and curiously, we do not know much about the genes that control it. I am also interested in the factors linked to the origin and maintenance of asexuality. Why do asexual organisms show a different geographical distribution than their asexual ancestors? Certain daphnia clones find themselves in pristine arctic environments and are used to test the different evolutionary hypotheses. The approaches that I use in my lab are to answer these questions using a combination of molecular techniques, metabolic measures as well as experiments.

QCBS students
Previous students (since 2009)
Philippe Boucher, Ph.D.
(Start: 2007, End: 2010)
Thesis title: Génomique écologique et adaptation à la température chez Daphnia pulex
Dominique Hamel, Ph.D.
(Start: 2004, End: 2010)
Other (co-)supervisor: André Rochon
Thesis title: Diversité génétique chez Alexandrium tamarense de l'estuaire du Saint-Laurent
Adriana Radulovici, Ph.D.
(Start: 2006, End: 2012)
Thesis title: Barcoding et structure génétique des amphipodes marins
Geneviève Coté, M.Sc.
(Start: 2010, End: 2015)

Other (co-)supervisor: Rémy Rochette, Université du Nouveau-Brunswick à Saint-Jean
Jean-Michel Martin, M.Sc.
(Start: 2014, End: 2016)

Thesis title: Ploidy's and UV Rays Exposure's Effect on Pigmentation's Plasticity of Arctic Daphnia
Sophie Mercier, M.Sc.
(Start: 2012, End: 2014)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Pierre Blier
Frédérique Paquin, M.Sc.
(Start: 2013, End: 2017)

Thesis title: Du génotype au phénotype: effets des contaminants métalliques sur l'accumulation de mutations et le métabolisme mitochondrial des Daphnia pulex
Thierry Ratté, M.Sc.
(Start: 2006, End: 2010)
Thesis title: Croissance et métabolisme à différentes températures en fonction de la ploïdie chez les daphnies
Gaëlle Van Dijk, M.Sc.
(Start: 2013, End: 2015)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Pierre Blier
Thesis title: Heritability of antioxidant capacity in threespine stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus
BIO-322-91 - Génétique (Fall / Automne)
BIO-411-99 - Biologie moléculaire et du développement (Fall / Automne)
BIO-412-05 - Écologie moléculaire (Fall / Automne)
FAU-725-05 - Génétique de la conservation (Fall / Automne)
BIO 411 10 - Développement et évolution (Fall / Automne)
FAU 728 16 - Biodiversité et conservation (Fall / Automne)
FAU 711 16 - Communication scientifique (Fall / Automne)

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