Catherine Marcil

Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: France Dufresne
Gesche Winkler, ISMER
Start: 2018-08-30
End: 2022-05-31
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Genetic and physiological divergence of the glacial relict Boreomysis nobilis in Saguenay fjord, Quebec.
Relative sea level modification following the end of the Last Glacial Maximum may have trapped species with limited dispesion capacities within refugies at boreal latitudes. This is probably the case for Boreomysis nobilis, an arctic-subarctic mysid specie which the southernmost population lives in Saguenay fjord, Quebec, thousands of kilometers away from nordic populations. The project aims to test the glacial relict status of B. nobilis and to describe the physiological divergence between populations.


ecophysiology, glacial relict, mysid, Saguenay, Fjord, divergence, Boreomysis, Arctic