Safe and just Earth system boundaries
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Convergence of dominance and neglect in flying insect diversity
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Wild gibbons plan their travel pattern according to food types of breakfast
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Will a large complex system be productive?
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Rapid monitoring of ecological persistence
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The evolution of plasticity at geographic range edges
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Apparent evolutionary maladaptation and inference from reciprocal transplants
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Early season soil microbiome best predicts wheat grain quality
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Climate or diet? The importance of biotic interactions in determining species range size
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Ecological niche partitioning in two Pacific puffins
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Evacuation Simulation Implemented by ABM-BIM of Unity in Students’ Dormitory Based on Delay Time
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Moving scholarship on invasion science forward
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Advances in geocomputation and geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) for mapping
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Biodiversity change under adaptive community dynamics
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