Mark Vellend

Associate Professor,
Université de Sherbrooke

Département de Biologie
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There are currently two themes to the research in my lab: (1) the historical influence of landscapes on plant communities and (2) the genetic diversity influence on plant populations and communities. I am also interested in theories that concern biodiversity in ecology and evolution, and the possibility of synthesizing these two fundamental domains of biology. In the framework of our research of landscape history, we have studied terrestrial ecosystems in the East and West of North America and in Europe where the usage of landscape for agriculture and prescribed burning have had long term ecological consequences. In the framework of our eco-genetic research, we conduct experiments with dandelions and other plant species from the field. Our research aims to answer fundamental scientific questions, as well as solving applied problems in conservation biology.

QCBS students

Christine Wallis

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2020)
Plant spectral diversity as an integrator and predictor of community-level taxonomic and functional diversity

Anna Crofts

(Start: 2019)
Linking leaf functional traits to taxonomic diversity: developing spectranomics in Québec's south-eastern temperate forest

Christina Rinas

(Start: 2017, End: 2021)
Epiphytic lichens and bryophytes in Mount Mégantic National Park, QC

Hasanki Gamhewa


Climate change consequences on the duration of the high light period for the early spring forest plants

Previous students (since 2009)

Véronique Boucher-Lalonde

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2016, End: 2018)
Meta-analysis of the response of plant diversity to temperature and water availability - A comparison between spatial gradients and experimental data

Carissa Brown

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2011, End: 2013)
Vegetation change and species range limits at Mont Mégantic, Québec
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Jean-Philippe Lessard

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2012, End: 2014)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Jonathan Davies
Exploring the neighbourhood structure of local tree species assemblages: linking phylogeny and function to diversity and productivity
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Cesc Múrria

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2013, End: 2015)
The relationship between species and genetic diversity as a framework to detect underlying processes that drive biodiversity patterns
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Isla Myers-Smith

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2011, End: 2012)
Climate-drive shrub expansion in arctic ecosystems

Hiroshi Tomimatsu

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2007, End: 2009)
Genetic consequences of camas bulb trading by First Nations
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Morgane Urli

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2013, End: 2015)
Drivers controlling the regeneration of sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.) along an altitudinal gradient
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David Watts

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2017, End: 2019)
Linking human- and camera-observed phenology in forest understorey plants

Amanda Young

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2017, End: 2019)
Between snow and shade: the importance of the timing of the high light period on the forest floor
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Antoine Becker Scarpitta

(Start: 2014, End: 2018)
Étude des changements temporels des phytocénoses forestières. Approche comparée et intégrée de la réponse des bryophytes et trachéophytes aux pressions anthropiques de la dernière décennie.

Maud Bernard-Verdier

(Start: 2011, End: 2011)
Trait-based community assembly in French grasslands

Anne Bjorkman

Other (co-)supervisor: Greg Henry
(Start: 2009, End: 2015)
Evolutionary adaptation of arctic plants to experimental warming

Alexis Carteron

(Start: 2016, End: 2021)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Etienne Laliberté
Comprendre les dynamiques des communautés végétales : Perspectives souterraines et spatio-temporelles de l’évolution de la distribution des érablières au Québec

Heather Kharouba

(Start: 2008, End: 2013)
Climate change effects on species interactions

Elizabeth Kleynhans

(Start: 2010, End: 2015)
Biotic constraints on evolutionary responses to environmental change

Jennie McCune

(Start: 2008, End: 2013)
Historical vegetation change on Vancouver Island

Diane Auberson-Lavoie

(Start: 2017, End: 2018)
L’effet du broutage sur la limite de la distribution du Trille rouge sur un gradient altitudinal

Robin Beauséjour

(Start: 2011, End: 2014)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Ira Tanya Handa
Plant community change over the past decade at Mont St-Hilaire, Québec

Thomas Dean

(Start: 2008, End: 2010)
Abundance and distribution of cheatgrass in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Emily Drummond

(Start: 2006, End: 2009)
Consequences of genetic diversity for dandelion invasion

Geneviève Lajoie

(Start: 2012, End: 2014)
Ecological and evolutionary determinants of trait-environment matching

Jamie Leathem

Other (co-)supervisor: Jeannette Whitton
(Start: 2009, End: 2014)
Trait-based community assembly along roadsides in Yukon Territory

Sébastien Rivest

(Start: 2015, End: 2017)
Variation spatio-temporelle de la reproduction des plantes herbacées vernales de l’est de l’Amérique du Nord selon leur proximité à la limite altitudinale de leur distribution

Josée Savage

(Start: 2012, End: 2014)
Forty years of vegetation change on Mont Mégantic, Québec

Examples of species studied

Taraxacum officinale
Camassia quamash
Trillium grandiflorum
Carex rariflora


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