Sabine St-Jean

Université de Sherbrooke
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Mark Vellend
Marc Bélisle, Université de Sherbrooke
Start: 2022-01-06
End: 2023-12-22


Consequences of the variability of flowering dates on pollination in Mont Megantic, Québec
Climate change has the potential to alter the synchrony in the phenologies of interdependent species, like plants and their pollinators. Flowering earlier is often considered as an advantage by offering a longer growing season but may also entail costs such as insufficient pollination in early spring. Vital rates of plants, such as seed production, could be affected. Thus, my objective is to evaluate the effect of flowering dates of two spring-flowering plants (Claytonia caroliniana and Trillium erectum) on their pollination and on their reproduction on Mont Megantic.


Phenology, climate change, plant-pollinator interactions