Anna Crofts

Université de Sherbrooke
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Mark Vellend
Start: 2019-01-01


Linking leaf functional traits to taxonomic diversity: developing spectranomics in Québec's south-eastern temperate forest
I will be leading the field-based biodiversity surveys at Parc national de Mont Mégantic, as a part of the larger effort of the Canadian Airborne Biodiversity Observatory (CABO). CABO aims to examine global drivers of plant biodiversity across Canada through spectranomics. Spectranomics uses remotely-sensed hyperspectral images to identify plant species and quantify foliar traits. For my doctoral research, I ask: (i) can remotely-sensed, hyperspectral data quantify forest community properties, and in turn, (ii) how do forest community properties vary across climate (elevation) and resource extraction (logging) gradients?


Forest biodiversity, Leaf functional traits, Spectranomics, Hyperspectral imagery


1- Changes in the understory plant community and ecosystem properties along a shrub density gradient
Crofts, Anna L., Dennise O. Drury, Jennie R. McLaren
2018 Arctic Science