Christine Wallis

Université de Sherbrooke
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Mark Vellend
Start: 2020-09-03
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Plant spectral diversity as an integrator and predictor of community-level taxonomic and functional diversity
Within the CABO project (Canadian Airborne Biodiversity Observatory), I aim to model community-level taxonomic and functional diversity using hyperspectral remote sensing data within and across different Canadian ecosystems.


Spectronomics, Hyperspectral imaging, biodiversity, Ecosystem functions, Functional leaf traits


1- Biodiversity and ecosystem functions depend on environmental conditions and resources rather than the geodiversity of a tropical biodiversity hotspot
Wallis, Christine I. B., Yvonne C. Tiede, Erwin Beck, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Roland Brandl, David A. Donoso, Carlos I. Espinosa, Andreas Fries, Jürgen Homeier, Diego Inclan, Christoph Leuschner, Mark Maraun, Katrin Mikolajewski, Eike Lena Neuschulz, Stefan Scheu, Matthias Schleuning, Juan P. Suárez, Boris A. Tinoco, Nina Farwig, Jörg Bendix
2021 Scientific Reports

2- Remote sensing improves prediction of tropical montane species diversity but performance differs among taxa
Wallis, Christine I.B., Gunnar Brehm, David A. Donoso, Konrad Fiedler, Jürgen Homeier, Detlev Paulsch, Dirk Süßenbach, Yvonne Tiede, Roland Brandl, Nina Farwig, Jörg Bendix
2017 Ecological Indicators

3- Modeling tropical montane forest biomass, productivity and canopy traits with multispectral remote sensing data
Wallis, Christine I.B., Jürgen Homeier, Jaime Peña, Roland Brandl, Nina Farwig, Jörg Bendix
2019 Remote Sensing of Environment

4- Contrasting performance of Lidar and optical texture models in predicting avian diversity in a tropical mountain forest
Wallis, Christine I.B., Detlev Paulsch, Jörg Zeilinger, Brenner Silva, Giulia F. Curatola Fernández, Roland Brandl, Nina Farwig, Jörg Bendix
2016 Remote Sensing of Environment

5- Ants as indicators of environmental change and ecosystem processes
Tiede, Yvonne, Jan Schlautmann, David A. Donoso, Christine I.B. Wallis, Jörg Bendix, Roland Brandl, Nina Farwig
2017 Ecological Indicators

6- Remotely sensed carbon content: The role of tree composition and tree diversity
Wallis, Christine I.B., Anna L. Crofts, Deep Inamdar, J. Pablo Arroyo-Mora, Margaret Kalacska, Étienne Laliberté, Mark Vellend
2023 Remote Sensing of Environment