Melania Cristescu

Associate Professor,
McGill University

Department of Biology


  • PhD, Evolutionary Biology, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada (March 2004).
  • MSc, Ecology, Ovidius University of Constanta, Constanta, Romania (1996)
  • BSc, (Honours), Biology, Ovidius University of Constanta, Constanta, Romania. 1995


Many invasive aquatic species are undergoing rapid range expansions accompanied by dramatic habitat transitions (e.g. marine to freshwater, ephemeral ponds to permanent lakes). These invasive taxa present outstanding opportunities to study the genetic mechanisms underlying the adaptive responses of organisms to novel environments and stresses. My study organisms involve several species of Ponto-Caspian crustaceans (endemic to the Black and Caspian Seas) that have recently colonized the Great Lakes, invasive tunicates, as well as the waterflea Daphnia - an emerging model system for ecological genomics.

We employ phylogenetic approaches to contrast historical and contemporary patterns of invasion among Ponto-Caspian crustaceans and use genomic tools for Daphnia pulex to study the genetic mechanisms underlying traits involved in adaptation to new environments.

QCBS students

Alessandra Loria

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2021, End: 2021)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
The interplay between environmental change and biodiversity

Marie-Eve Monchamp

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2019)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Irene Gregory-Eaves
Metagenomic analysis of metazoan diversity across Canadian lakes
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Previous students (since 2009)

Joanne Littlefair

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2016, End: 2018)
Metabarcoding to assess the anthropogenic impacts on fish communities
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James Bull

(Start: 2014, End: 2017)
The impact of environmental stressors on mutation rates

Jullien Flynn

(Start: 2015, End: 2016)
Mutation accumulation in asexual Daphnia pulex
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Guang Zhang

Other (co-)supervisor: Cathryn Abbott
(Start: 2014, End: 2016)
Detection of Aquatic Invasive Species and Biodiversity Assessment in Canadian ports

Examples of species studied

Mnemiopsis leidyi
Daphnia pulex
Leptodora kindtii
Ciona intestinalis
Polyphemus pediculus
Caenorhabditis elegans
Echinogammarus ischnus
Cercopagis pengoi
Botrylloides violaceus


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