Maria Cecilia Londono

Scientific researcher,
Humboldt State University

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Main experience is the work of geographic analysis of biodiversity for decision making, she has developed analysis of macroecological patterns in the Colombian territory for a better definition of management units and she works on the production of biodiversity indicators for multiple users. Maria Cecilia is a senior researcher in the Evaluation and Monitoring Program of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, where she works to improve biodiversity assessment and monitoring processes.


1- Earth system data cubes unravel global multivariate dynamics
Journal Article
Mahecha M D , Gans F , Brandt G , Christiansen R , Cornell S E , Fomferra N , Kraemer G , Peters J , Bodesheim P , Camps-Valls G , Donges J F , Dorigo W , Estupinan-Suarez L M , Gutierrez-Velez V H , Gutwin M , Jung M , Londoño M C , Miralles D G , Papastefanou P , Reichstein M ,
2020 Earth System Dynamics (Date Added: 2021-11-05)