Étienne Léveillé-Bourret

Assistant Professor,
Université de Montréal

Département des Sciences Biologiques
E-mail: etienne.leveille-bourret@umontreal.ca
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  • (2018-2020) Post-doctorate, Comparative plant genomics, University of Zurich
  • (2014-2018) Doctorate, Ph.D. in Biology, Plant systematics, University of Ottawa
  • (2010-2012) Bachelor's Honours, B.Sc. en sciences biologiques, Sciences biologiques, Université de Montréal


Research in the lab focuses on the discovery and classification of plant biodiversity of temperate, boreal and arctic-alpine areas. Studies have tackled subjects going from new species description to biogeography, phylogenomics and co-evolution between plants and fungal parasites. Most projects focus on Cyperaceae (sedges, >5600 species), one of the largest plant families in northern areas. However, we occasionally work on other plant families.
We strive to use a diversity of methods including molecular phylogenetics, genomics, as well as more traditional approaches based on morphology, anatomy and embryology. Studies on living plants in the field, and on natural history specimens preserved in herbaria, are at the heart of all our research.

Prizes and honours

  • (2017) Lionel Cinq-Mars Award - 250$ Canadian Botanical Association
  • (2017) Alf Erling Porslid and Laurie Lynn Consaul Award - 1,000$ Canadian Botanical Association
  • (2015) Alf Erling Porslid and Laurie Lynn Consaul Award - 1,000$ Canadian Botanical Association

QCBS students

Étienne Lacroix-Carignan

(Start: 2021)
Systématique des Carex de la sous-section Lupulinae


19- Carex ×payettei, a new hybrid of Carex sect. Racemosae described from subarctic Quebec, Canada (Cyperaceae)
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18- A new classification of Cyperaceae (Poales) supported by phylogenomic data
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17- Cryptic diversity and significant cophylogenetic signal detected by DNA barcoding the rust fungi (Pucciniaceae) of Cyperaceae-Juncaceae
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15- Greater pollination generalization is not associated with reduced constraints on corolla shape in Antillean plants
Journal Article
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14- Le statut de la naïade grêle (Najas gracillima, Najadaceae) au Québec
Journal Article
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13- Additions to the boreal flora of the Northwest Territories with a preliminary vascular flora of Scotty creek
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12- Rhodoscirpus (Cyperaceae: Scirpeae), a new South American sedge genus supported by molecular, morphological, anatomical and embryological data
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11- Testing hybridization hypotheses with morphometry: The case of eastern american arctic species of potentilla sect. Niveae (Rosaceae)
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10- RAD sequencing resolves the phylogeny, taxonomy and biogeography of Trichophoreae despite a recent rapid radiation (Cyperaceae)
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9- Molecular and morphological data reveal three new tribes within the Scirpo-Caricoid Clade (Cyperoideae, Cyperaceae)
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8- Why are there so many sedges? Sumatroscirpeae, a missing piece in the evolutionary puzzle of the giant genus Carex (Cyperaceae)
Journal Article
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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (Date Added: 2021-05-18)

7- Searching for the sister to sedges (Carex): Resolving relationships in the Cariceae-Dulichieae-Scirpeae clade (Cyperaceae)
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6- A tale of worldwide success: Behind the scenes of Carex (Cyperaceae) biogeography and diversification
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5- Targeted sequencing supports morphology and embryo features in resolving the classification of Cyperaceae tribe Fuireneae s.l
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4- The rediscovery of the rare Vietnamese endemic Eriophorum scabriculme redefines generic limits in the Scirpo-Caricoid Clade (Cyperaceae)
Journal Article
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3- Phylogeny and Systematics of Cyperaceae, the Evolution and Importance of Embryo Morphology
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2- Resolving Rapid Radiations within Angiosperm Families Using Anchored Phylogenomics
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1- Claviceps zizaniae
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