Vincent Poirier

Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

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2011. PhD, Renewable resources, McGill University
2007. MSc with thesis, Soils and environment, Université Laval
2005. MSc, Soils and environment, Université Laval
2003. BSc, Agronomy, Université Laval

QCBS students

Antonious Petro

(Start: 2019, End: 2021)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Alison Munson
Effet des mélanges vivaces alternatifs au gazon sur les qualités physico-chimiques et biologiques du sol urbain.


12- Organo-Mineral Interactions Are More Important for Organic Matter Retention in Subsoil Than Topsoil
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11- In-flight opioid overdose and the availability of onboard naloxone: An international survey of commercial airlines
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10- The root of the matter: Linking root traits and soil organic matter stabilization processes
Poirier, V, Roumet, C, Munson, AD
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9- Species and root traits impact macroaggregation in the rhizospheric soil of a Mediterranean common garden experiment
Poirier, V, Roumet, C, Angers, DA, Munson, AD
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8- Carbon storage in agroforestry systems in the semi-arid zone of Niayes, Senegal
Marone, D, Poirier, V, Coyea, M, Olivier, A, Munson, AD
2017 Agroforestry Systems (Date Added: 2016-06-13)

7- Silvicultural treatments and subsequent vegetation impact long-term mineral soil biogeochemistry in mixedwood plantations
Poirier, V, Coyea, MR, Angers, DA, Munson, AD
2016 Forest Ecology and Management (Date Added: 2016-03-28)

6- Digital mapping of soil properties in Canadian managed forests at 250m of resolution using the k-nearest neighbor method
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5- Combined influence of fire and salvage logging on carbon and nitrogen storage in boreal forest soil profiles
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4- Formation of millimetric-scale aggregates and associated retention of13C-15N-labelled residues are greater in subsoil than topsoil
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3- Transforming plant carbon into soil carbon: Process-level controls on carbon sequestration
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1- Interactive effects of tillage and mineral fertilization on soil carbon profiles
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