Jennifer Sunday

Associate Professor,
McGill University

Department of Biology
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2013. Doctorate, Biological Sciences, Evolution, Simon Fraser University
2002. Bachelor's Honours, Science, Ecology, University of British Columbia


How do biogeographic distributions respond to environmental change? Why don't species live everywhere? Our research group connects across scales to understand the relative roles of physiology, ecological interactions, and dispersal, in determining species distributions across environmental gradients. We aim to answer these questions by coupling theory with observations, including real-time responses to climate change.

Prizes and honours

2016. Killam Postdoctoral Fellow Research Prize, University of British Columbia.
2014. Early Career Award, Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution, Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

QCBS students

Kate Sheridan

(Start: 2019)
Biogeography with Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Julia Briand

Other (co-)supervisor: Hector Guzman, STRI
(Start: 2019)
The reefs of Bocas del Toro: how community composition has changed over two decades

Danielle Mac Rae

(Start: 2020)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Eric Pedersen
Does variation in dispersal diversity increase metacommunity resilience?

Benjamin Millard-Martin

(Start: 2019)
marine community ecology using eDNA

Examples of species studied

Haliotis kamtschatkana
Patiria miniata


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