Benjamin Millard-Martin

McGill University
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Jennifer Sunday
Start: 2019-09-02


marine community ecology using eDNA
I am comparing traditional survey methods (seining and visual surveys) to eDNA results in nearshore habitats on the Central Coast of British Columbia. I am using these surveys to answer fundamental questions about patterns of biodiversity in complex nearshore marine systems and in the context of a changing climate.


Environmental DNA, biodiversity, community ecology, marine ecology, fish community structure, marine protected areas


1- Infaunal community responses to ancient clam gardens
Cox, Kieran D, Travis G Gerwing, Tara Macdonald, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Ben Millard-Martin, Rylan J Command, Francis Juanes, Sarah E Dudas,
2019 ICES Journal of Marine Science