Étienne Léveillé-Bourret

Assistant Professor,
Université de Montréal

Département des Sciences Biologiques
E-mail: etienne.leveille-bourret@umontreal.ca
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  • (2018-2020) Post-doctorate, Comparative plant genomics, University of Zurich
  • (2014-2018) Doctorate, Ph.D. in Biology, Plant systematics, University of Ottawa
  • (2010-2012) Bachelor's Honours, B.Sc. en sciences biologiques, Sciences biologiques, Université de Montréal


Research in the lab focuses on the discovery and classification of plant biodiversity of temperate, boreal and arctic-alpine areas. Studies have tackled subjects going from new species description to biogeography, phylogenomics and co-evolution between plants and fungal parasites. Most projects focus on Cyperaceae (sedges, >5600 species), one of the largest plant families in northern areas. However, we occasionally work on other plant families.

QCBS students

Maurane Bourgouin

(Start: 2022)
Predictive mapping of bryophyte diversity associated with mature forests using LiDAR-derived indices in a strongly managed landscape

Étienne Lacroix-Carignan

(Start: 2021)
Systématique des Carex de la sous-section Lupulinae
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Marc-Aurèle Vallée

(Start: 2023)
The use of spectrometry as an identification tool in hawthorns

Simon Pesant

(Start: 2023)
Floristic diversity and status of rare species in the freshwater estuary of the Saint-Laurent river

Thomas Villeneuve

(Start: 2024)
Taxonomy of Victorin's water-hemlock

Examples of species studied

Claviceps zizaniae
Najas gracillima


22- Comparative Genomics Elucidates the Origin of a Supergene Controlling Floral Heteromorphism
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17- Cryptic diversity and significant cophylogenetic signal detected by DNA barcoding the rust fungi (Pucciniaceae) of Cyperaceae-Juncaceae
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15- Greater pollination generalization is not associated with reduced constraints on corolla shape in Antillean plants
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14- Le statut de la naïade grêle (Najas gracillima, Najadaceae) au Québec
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13- Additions to the boreal flora of the Northwest Territories with a preliminary vascular flora of Scotty creek
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9- Molecular and morphological data reveal three new tribes within the Scirpo-Caricoid Clade (Cyperoideae, Cyperaceae)
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8- Why are there so many sedges? Sumatroscirpeae, a missing piece in the evolutionary puzzle of the giant genus Carex (Cyperaceae)
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7- Searching for the sister to sedges (Carex): Resolving relationships in the Cariceae-Dulichieae-Scirpeae clade (Cyperaceae)
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