Sarah E. Turner

Professeur adjoint,
Concordia University

Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
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Postdoctorat, Écologie comportementale, McGill University (2012-2016)
Doctorat, Anthropologie, University of Calgary (2003-2010)
Maîtrise, Interdisciplinaire (Primatologie), University of Victoria (2000-2003)
Baccalauréat, Études des femmes, Simon Fraser University (1994-1999)


Dr Sarah Turner s'intéresse à la façon dont l'écologie comportementale des primates non humains est influencée par les changements environnementaux induits par l'homme. Elle étudie le comportement de macaques japonais en liberté ayant des handicaps physiques pour explorer des hypothèses liées à la flexibilité comportementale, aux interactions mère-enfant et au comportement social.

Étudiants CSBQ

Stephanie Eccles

(Début: 2009)
A Multispecies Ethnography of Farmed Animals: Sanctuaries as Sites of Constructing Transformational Knowledge
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Megan Joyce

(Début: 2022)
Les stratégies optimales en quête de nourriture parmi les macaques japonais en liberté (Macaca fuscata)
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Brogan Stewart

(Début: 2019, Fin: 2023)
Utilisation de l'analyse fractale pour déterminer si la déficience physique chez les macaques japonais (Macaca fuscata) altère la complexité du mouvement comportemental
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Mikaela Gerwing

(Début: 2022)
Correlations between rehabilitant captive capuchin monkey (Sapajus libidinosus) personality and reintroduction success.

Caroline Lesage

(Début: 2021)
Qualité de l'habitat, l'utilisation de l'espace, et coexistence humain-faune dans les loutres de rivière (Londra canadensis) sur Protection Island, en Colombie-Britannique

Ariana Moin Kenary

(Début: 2021)
Spatial Movement Decisions Among Foraging Urban Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis)

Exemples d'espèces étudiées



30- Entangled, unraveled, and reconfigured: Human–animal relations among ethnic minority farmers and water buffalo in the northern uplands of Vietnam
Journal Article
Garber P , Turner S ,
2023 Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space (Date Added: 2023-02-15)

29- Creative counter-discourses to the “green city” narrative: practices of small-scale urban agriculture in Hanoi, Vietnam
Journal Article
Pham T , Lynch M , Turner S ,
2023 Local Environment (Date Added: 2023-01-17)

28- The diversity of organic farmer motivations and livelihoods in the Global South – A case study in Kerala, India
Journal Article
Seufert V , Austin S E , Badami M G , Turner S , Ramankutty N ,
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26- Creative hubs in Hanoi, Vietnam: Transgressive spaces in a socialist state?
Journal Article
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2022 Urban Studies (Date Added: 2022-07-10)

25- Looking beyond the digital veil: an investigation of the (de)commodification of three “Vietnamese spices”
Journal Article
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2021 Food, Culture and Society (Date Added: 2022-01-08)

24- “People want good graffiti”: Tensions, contradictions, and everyday politics surrounding graffiti in Hanoi, Vietnam
Journal Article
Kee M , Turner S , Labbé D ,
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23- Rocking the boat: intersectional resistance to marine conservation policies in Wakatobi National Park, Indonesia
Journal Article
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22- The utterly unforeseen livelihood shock: COVID-19 and street vendor coping mechanisms in Hanoi, Chiang Mai and Luang Prabang
Journal Article
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21- Challenging slopes: ethnic minority livelihoods, state visions, and land-use land cover change in Vietnam’s northern mountainous borderlands
Journal Article
Nguyen A T , Turner S , Kalacska M ,
2021 Environment, Development and Sustainability (Date Added: 2021-06-21)

20- Visualizing frictional encounters: Analyzing and representing street vendor strategies in Vietnam through narrative mapping
Journal Article
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19- Distilling Culture into Commodity? The Emergent Homemade Alcohol Trade and Gendered Livelihoods in Upland Northern Vietnam
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18- Small city politics in the Global South: state imaginaries and everyday realities of a frontier city in northern Vietnam
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17- Growing pains: Small-scale farmer responses to an urban rooftop farming and online marketplace enterprise in Montréal, Canada
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16- Climate change impacts on potential future ranges of non-human primate species
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15- Bastard Spice or Champagne of Cinnamon? Conflicting Value Creations along Cinnamon Commodity Chains in Northern Vietnam
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14- Social grooming efficiency and techniques are influenced by manual impairment in free-ranging Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)
Journal Article
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13- A small upland city gets a big make-over: Local responses to state ‘modernity’ plans for Lào Cai, Vietnam
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12- Cardamom casualties: Extreme weather events and ethnic minority livelihood vulnerability in the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands
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