Naíla Barbosa da Costa

Université de Montréal
Candidat Ph.D.

superviseur(e): Jesse Shapiro
Gregor Fussmann
Jesse Shapiro
Début: 2016-09-01
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Eco-evolutionary dynamics of microbial communities in disturbed freshwater ecosystems
I use molecular biology tools to understand how bacterial populations and communities respond to common water contaminants. More specifically, I'm studying the combined impact of the herbicide glyphosate, the insecticide imidacloprid, and fertilizers (N and P), on the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of freshwater bacteria. I'm using amplicon and metagenomic sequencing to assess bacteria response to high doses of these stressors. Understanding the eco-evolutionary effects of extreme environmental perturbations on microbes is crucial in the context of global change since these impacts will directly affect ecosystem functions provided by microorganisms, such as decomposition and nutrient cycling.


pesticides, écologie microbienne / microbial ecology, contaminants, freshwater bacteria


1- Scientists Investigate Eutrophication Mystery and find Oligotrophication Instead
Barbosa da Costa, Naila
2018 Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin

2- Cyanobacteria diversity in alkaline saline lakes in the Brazilian Pantanal wetland: a polyphasic approach
Costa, Naíla B., Maria A. Kolman, Alessandra Giani
2016 Journal of Plankton Research