Share your perspective about biodiversity monitoring
The team of the CC-Suivi project, which includes a number of QCBS researchers as well as the MDDEP and MRNF, invites you to share your perspective about the key priorities for monitoring biodiversity in the context of climate change, though a brief anonymous survey. Click here to complete the survey.

BAM! Biodiversity Articles Mapper
The Biodiversity Articles Mapper is a mapping tool for geo-located scientific articles. This project originated from a collaboration between the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS) and Zoological Record at Thomson Reuters. Access BAM! here.

Ecosystem services and biodiversity
Several QCBS members have launched a project to investigate the connections between ecosystem services, biodiversity, and landscape connectivity in the Montérégie. Visit the project website…

Biodiversity and organizations
The QCBS is part of the initiative: Towards biodiversity assessments for business: developing a coordinated approach in Québec. Read more (.pdf)…