Several QCBS members contributed to a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B on evolutionary rescue. edited by Andrew Gonzalez (and others). Researchers Graham Bell, Gregor Fussmann, Dany Garant, Marco Festa-Bianchet and Fanie Pelletier are among the contributing authors. Access the special issue here.

In a new paper in Science, Jean-Philippe Lessard, post-doctoral fellow at the QCBS, and collaborators explain how they redesigned a century old map of global biodiversity. Read all about it in this press release, watch this video, or read the paper in Science.

QCBS symposium
The 2012 QCBS symposium was held Dec. 13 – 14, 2012 at the Coeur des Sciences, UQAM, and the Workshop on Dec. 12. Thank you to the two hundred participants, the more than 60 presenters, the 12 panelists for their contribution to the success of the Symposium

QCBS researchers in the news
… Dr Beisner and Giraldeau for their new book  “Nature All Around Us
… Dr Graham Bell now president or the Royal Society of Canada
… Congratulations to Anne Bruneau, recipient of the Pierre-Dansereau Prize