Workshop (December 18th)   

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Plenary Speaker

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Biodiversity and quantitative ecology: the state of play



Assistant Professor,
Université de Montréal

Département de sciences biologiques


Université de Montréal

Département de sciences biologiques

Presenting at the Symposium

Deadline for abstract submission: October 31

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The John Molson School of Business is located on 1450 Guy St, Montreal, QC H3H 0A1. 

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Travel Grant Awards  

Travel grants are available for QCBS members who need to travel to the conference and are presenting at the symposium.

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Photo Contest  

We are looking for submissions related to your research for the annual QCBS photo contest. The submission deadline is November 21st. 

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An eco-responsible event

No more paper For the 6th consecutive year, we are engaged in making our event eco-responsible. We need your help for this! 

We are not using paper Instead of using paper materials, we have gone digital for the QCBS Symposium. All the information about the symposium program will be on the QCBS 2019 Symposium Sched.  

Use public transportation, if you can We highly encourage you to come to the event using public transportation, instead of using your own car. Using public transit is a major move towards diminishing the carbon footprint of your trips! You may use the following websites to plan your trip to the symposium: Google MapsSociété de transport de Montréal and Agence métropolitaine de transport. If you are not able to use public transportation, think of carpooling! CO2 emissions will be compensated in double: make sure you provide us with the information regarding your trip to the workshop and symposium.  

Waste management Our ultimate final waste target is to be under 5g/person and possibly less with your help. All cutlery and cups present at the event will be compostable. We also have a compost program for all food waste! With this action, we reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and cut emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. During the symposium, be sure to dispose of your garbage in each of the correct bins: recycling, compost and landfill waste. We request you to NOT bring any kind of waste from outside to the event (especially landfill waste, like coffee cups and polystyrene materials). We strongly encourage attendees to bring their own refillable water bottles and coffee mugs to the event.  

Reuse of name badges We reuse all name badges in future years. Please, think of leaving yours when you leave the event.