Justin Marleau

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
Frederic Guichard
Martin Lechowicz, McGill University
Start: 2017-09-25
End: 2019-06-01
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Meta-ecosystems in aquatic environments: theory and applications


Ecological Stoichiometry, Nutrient Colimitation, Spatial Ecology, mathematics, méta-écosystèmes, metacommunity


1- Meta‐ecosystem processes alter ecosystem function and can promote herbivore‐mediated coexistence
Marleau, Justin N., Frederic Guichard
2019 Ecology

2- Nonhierarchical Dispersal Promotes Stability and Resilience in a Tritrophic Metacommunity
Pedersen, Eric J., Justin N. Marleau, Monica Granados, Holly V. Moeller, Frédéric Guichard
2016 The American Naturalist

3- Meta-ecosystem dynamics and functioning on finite spatial networks
Marleau, J. N., F. Guichard, M. Loreau
2014 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

4- A Stoichiometric Model of Early Plant Primary Succession
Marleau, Justin N., Yu Jin, John G. Bishop, William F. Fagan, Mark A. Lewis
2011 The American Naturalist

5- Keeping science’s seat at the decision-making table: Mechanisms to motivate policy-makers to keep using scientific information in the age of disinformation
Marleau, Justin N., Kimberly D. Girling,

6- Emergence of nutrient co-limitation through movement in stoichiometric meta-ecosystems
Marleau, Justin N., Frédéric Guichard, Michel Loreau,
2015 Ecology Letters

7- Nutrient flows between ecosystems can destabilize simple food chains
Marleau, Justin N., Frédéric Guichard, François Mallard, Michel Loreau
2010 Journal of Theoretical Biology