Gracielle Higino

Université de Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Timothée Poisot
Start: 2017-03-06
End: 2021-03-08


Interspecific interactions dynamics in predictive biodiversity models
Global variation in species richness and abundance of organisms are probably caused by a few common processes which limit, favour and maintain the distribution of organisms over time. In general, these processes are related to the biotic and abiotic conditions necessary for the maintenance of populations, as well as limits of dispersion and evolutionary history. These factors can interact with each other, and to understand how each of them separately affects species richness is important to assess how species distributions came to be and how they might change in the future. In this project, I aim to discuss the role of ecological interactions in shaping species distribution, as well as investigate whether they are affected by environmental variables in a similar way as species occourrences.


macroecology, Ecological Networks, Species Distribution Model