Université Laval
LLD candidate

Supervisor: Sophie Lavallée
Start: 2014-01-13


Fondements, interprétation et évolution du droit à l’environnement dans les systèmes internationaux et régionaux de protection des droits de l’homme.
Our thesis project suggests an analysis of the right to the environment in international and regional systems of human rights protection. Indeed, a better protection of the environmental dimension of human rights can be a solution against the many attacks on environment. These have a negative impact on the quality of life, health ... of men. Sustainable development in the heart of the current global governance includes yet, among other targets, the better protection of human rights and environment. However, the recognition of the right to the environment and its effectiveness often face concerns such as economic interests, including the rights of investors. Our project would first analyze the commonalities and differences of international and regional systems of human rights protection in the protection of the right to the environment. On the other hand, we will bring out their mutations and their mutual influences, face to political, social and economic contexts, through the analysis of case of these different law systems. Thus, at the regional level, we will give a presentation of the African system of human rights. And we will establish a comparison with two other regional systems: European and American. In addition, we will address compared decisions, opinions of courts, tribunals and commissions of human rights of these systems for the protection of the right to the environment. Beyond our contribution to the debate on the existence of a separate and autonomous right to the environment, the interest of our project is in its ability to identify the mechanisms and procedures for an effective right to the environment and to provide relevant examples on the subject in the different law systems, so that they could be experienced in other legal systems or integrated into the national laws systems. This project will undoubtedly add value to existing research on the subject, in the interest of science, and in the interest of human rights and environmental protection.