A Review of Ecological Connectivity Science in Eastern Canada and New England

Assessment of the Science and Projects Describing the Ecologically Connected Landscape Region

The report on ecological connectivity science in the Region of Resolution 40-3 reviews the science of connectivity and the ensemble of plans and projects focused on evaluating and protecting the ecological connectivity of the Northeast Region of North America. These projects are now inventoried on the Ecological Connectivity web portal (https://ecologicalconnectivity.com). Objectives and geographic scope of these projects are compared, while contrasting the scientific methods and measures used to define the networks of habitat and corridors they identify. These methods are compared to current approaches in the connectivity science literature and opportunities are identified for integrating information and conservation goals across plans. To aid interpretation, a brief review of key concepts in connectivity research is provided. Through comparison of the methodologies, scales, and coverage of these projects, the authors of this report identify current gaps in analyses but also the opportunities for harnessing connectivity science for conservation in the Region. Click here for more info.

Funding source: Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs

Andrew Gonzalez, Alexandre Arkilanian, Valentin Lucet, Guillaume Larocque, Deanna Schrock, Célia Denépoux

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