This year again we are organizing the QCBS photo contest that will take place during the symposium in December! It’s time to share beautiful pictures taken during your hard work, and have a chance to win one of our sweet photo-contest prizes.

What is your research about? What unforgettable moments have you experienced on your educational journey? What did you discover? Time to dig through your photo archives so that you can share your story with us.



Prizes will be awarded for the top photo of each of these 3 categories: 

  • Nature: from micro to macro, from lakes to cities, show us the beauty of your (eco)systems!
  • Living the pandemic: show us what characterizes your scientific day-to-day life during the pandemic!
  • Celebrating the creativity and strength of visible minorities in Biodiversity sciences: if you self-identify as belonging to a visible minority, including BIPOC students, post-docs and profs, you can share your field experiences, your systems or pictures of you in your academic life. If you do not consider yourself as from a visible minority but would like to promote the work of one of your BIPOC colleague, you can, with this person’s approval, provide a picture of he/she/they, highlighting his/her/their involvement in the study of biodiversity sciences (in that case, if your picture is winning, the prize will be attributed to the person on your picture).

Photo-contest rules

We are looking for submissions related to your past or present research.

  • Deadline to submit photos TBA
  • All submissions must be sent to: with “Photo contest 2021_your name in the object of your message.
  • Participants may submit only one picture for each category.
  • An original title as well as a short caption (50 words or less, English or French) must accompany every pictures presented.
  • A selection of the best pictures will be displayed online through the Gather platform and voted on at the QCBS annual symposium on December 8-10th, 2021 to select the winners of each category.

  • This year the contest is anonymous. Only the title and caption will be displayed with the picture. Name of the winners will be announced at the end of the symposium.
  • The contest is open to all QCBS students (undergraduate and graduate) and post-docs. We ask that the photos from the contest can be re used for QCBS website, newsletter or other media, with proper attribution. If you agree with this, please fill out the form “photo release form” and send it to us with your photos.