All registrants of the 2024 virtual QCBS conference will be able to participate in this year’s photo competition. Participants will be able to express their artistic and creative side in this year’s competition by submitting photos to any of the three categories (described below).

All members, professors, research professionals, graduate and doctoral students, and postdocs are invited to present their photography talents!


Prizes will be awarded for the top photo of each of these 3 categories: 

  • Fauna: from babies to adults, large to small, share your best animal photos!
  • Flora, fungi, and microorganisms: from micro to macro, local or exotic show off your photos of mushrooms and fungus, plants, or microorganisms!
  • Landscapes: this category can include anything from natural or urban settings, from the ground to the sky, or beautiful sceneries and exceptional backgrounds!

Photo-contest rules

We are looking for submissions related to your past or present research.

  • Your photo does not need to focus on your research, but it does have to have a connection to biodiversity.
  • The submission deadline is January 14th at 23h59
  • All submissions must be sent to with the subject “Photo competition 2024_your name”.
  • Participants can only submit one photo in each category, meaning you may participate in one, two, or all three categories if the photo applies (please submit photos in a single email).
  • A title in French or in English must accompany each photo submission.
  • There will be 2 monetary prizes awarded for the first and second place photos of each category, for a total of 6 prizes, chosen by popular vote during the conference.
  • The competition is anonymous where only the photo and the title will be shared with the public. However, the name of the winners will be announced with the presentation of the prizes at the end of the conference.
  • We ask that the submitted photos can be used by QCBS for their website, newsletter, and other media with properly referenced photo credits. If you agree with this, please fill out the form “photo release form” and send it to us with your photos.


Please submit your photos in a single email before 23:59, January 14th to the following email: with the subject “Photo competition 2024_your name”. Each photo must be accompanied by a French or English title.