Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

1pm- 4pm

S2/2, Stewart Biology Building, McGill University, Montreal




This 3 hour ‘casual’ lecture and discussion will explore the foundations of participation, why we do it or not and the main strategies for engaging stakeholders. We willspend time discussing new and innovative ways to engage stakeholders using technology and creativity. This will also be an opportunity to discuss current and past experiences or future work, issues, successes, fears, etc.


This workshop is free for QCBS members and students*. It is 50$ for non-members payable by check to McGill University and sent to the QCBS.


*You or your supervisor will be charged 100$ if you are registered and do not show up. You may deregister up to 24 hours prior to the workshop.


Contact Nicolas Brunet with questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.