Research Professional: Nicolas Brunet, PhD


I specialize in development, governance and policy related issues in environmental management and research. I have a keen interest in partnership development and collaboration  between academic and non academic stakeholders. I am particularly interested in the role of the expert and non-expert publics  in the advancement of our understanding of natural systems and their management. I have previous work experience in planning throughout the province of Quebec in the private and municipal sectors and have a strong understanding of municipal and regional policies and their relation to environmental decision-making. I have also worked in many regions of the Canadian North with First Nations and Inuit communities.

I hold a bachelors degree in Environmental Biology from McGill University and a Masters of Science (Planning) from the University of Guelph. My doctoral studies at McGill University were aimed at better understanding stakeholder engagement in natural science research and resource management.

I am available to work with QCBS researchers and associated members on activities such as:

  • facilitating the planning and implementation of collaborative research.
  • research on axis 3 themes, e.g. biodiversity planning and adaptive management, biodiversity and decision making, governance.
  • projects related to climate change, air and water quality and overall sustainability in urban and peri-urban contexts.
  • using qualitative research methods in Biodiversity science.
  • integrating traditional knowledge into scientific studies.
  • building participatory research projects in Biodiversity science.
  • Arctic Science

Please contact me by email at or at (514) 398-8719


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