Mélanie Guigueno

Assistant Professor,
McGill University

Department of Biology
E-mail: melanie.guigueno@mcgill.ca
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- BSc (2003-2007) Department of Zoology, University of Manitoba - MSc (2007-2010) Department of Zoology, University of Manitoba - PhD (2011-2015) Department of Biology, University of Western Ontario


Combining field and laboratory approaches to examine natural behaviour in natural settings and to examine links between behaviour, cognition, and the brain.


28- Cognition and the brain of brood parasitic cowbirds
Sherry, DF, Guigueno, MF
2019 Integrative Zoology (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

27- Sex-specific responses in neuroanatomy of hatchling American kestrels in response to embryonic exposure to the flame retardants bis(2-ethylhexyl)-2,3,4,5-tetrabromophthalate and 2-ethylhexyl-2,3,4,5-tetrabromobenzoate
Guigueno, MF, Karouna-Renier, NK, Henry, PFP, Peters, LE, Palace, VP, Letcher, RJ, Fernie, KJ
2018 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

26- Female hatchling American kestrels have a larger hippocampus than males: A link with sexual size dimorphism?
Guigueno, MF, Karouna-Renier, NK, Henry, PFP, Head, JA, Peters, LE, Palace, VP, Letcher, RJ, Fernie, KJ
2018 Behavioural Brain Research (Date Added: 2018-10-10)

25- Are There Place Cells in the Avian Hippocampus?
Sherry, DF, Grella, SL, Guigueno, MF, White, DJ, Marrone, DF
2017 Brain, Behavior and Evolution (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

24- Assessment of neuroanatomical and behavioural effects of in ovo methylmercury exposure in zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata)
Yu, MS, Eng, ML, Williams, TD, Guigueno, MF, Elliott, JE
2017 NeuroToxicology (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

23- Birds and flame retardants: A review of the toxic effects on birds of historical and novel flame retardants
Guigueno, MF, Fernie, KJ
2017 Environmental Research (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

22- Status of the three?wattled bellbird (procnias tricarunculatus) in the nicoya mountains, Costa Rica
Stein, AC, Elliott, K, Guigueno, MF, Kalinina, V
2017 Ornitologia Neotropical (Date Added: 2018-08-04)

21- Sex and seasonal differences in hippocampal volume and neurogenesis in brood-parasitic brown-headed cowbirds (Molothrus ater)
Guigueno, MF, MacDougall-Shackleton, SA, Sherry, DF
2016 Developmental Neurobiology (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

20- Sex and seasonal differences in neurogenesis and volume of the song-control system are associated with song in brood-parasitic and non-brood-parasitic icterid songbirds
Guigueno, MF, Sherry, DF, MacDougall-Shackleton, SA
2016 Developmental Neurobiology (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

19- Context-dependent Egr1 expression in the avian hippocampus
Grella, SL, Guigueno, MF, White, DJ, Sherry, DF, Marrone, DF
2016 PLoS ONE (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

18- Sex differences in spatial memory in brown-headed cowbirds: Males outperform females on a touchscreen task
Guigueno, MF, Macdougall-Shackleton, SA, Sherry, DF
2015 PLoS ONE (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

17- Antoine Joseph Lottinger's first book on the common cuckoo and its fosterers: A rare book with three different title-pages
Watt, D, Sealy, SG, Guigueno, MF
2015 Archives of Natural History (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

16- Brominated flame retardant trends in aquatic birds from the Salish Sea region of the west coast of North America, including a mini-review of recent trends in marine and estuarine birds
Miller, A, Elliott, JE, Elliott, KH, Guigueno, MF, Wilson, LK, Lee, S, Idrissi, A
2015 Science of the Total Environment (Date Added: 2015-01-23)

15- Spatial and temporal trends in brominated flame retardants in seabirds from the Pacific coast of Canada
Miller, A, Elliott, JE, Elliott, KH, Guigueno, MF, Wilson, LK, Lee, S, Idrissi, A
2014 Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

14- Rejection of parasitic eggs in passerine hosts: Size matters more for a non-ejecter
Guigueno, MF, Sealy, SG, Westphal, AM
2014 Auk (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

13- Female cowbirds have more accurate spatial memory than males
Guigueno, MF, Snow, DA, MacDougall-Shackleton, SA, Sherry, DF
2014 Biology Letters (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

11- Nest sanitation in passerine birds: Implications for egg rejection in hosts of brood parasites
Guigueno, MF, Sealy, SG
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10- Acceptance of simulated cowbird parasitism in a northern population of red-winged blackbirds
Capper, C-L, Guigueno, MF, Sealy, SG
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9- Infrequent ejection of artificial bronzed cowbird (Molothrus aeneus) eggs by the clay-colored thrush (Turdus grayi) in Costa Rica
Rasmussen, JL, Sealy, SG, Guigueno, MF, Elliott, KH
2012 Ornitologia Neotropical (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

8- Factors influencing legacy pollutant accumulation in alpine osprey: Biology, topography, or melting glaciers?
Elliott, JE, Levac, J, Guigueno, MF, Shaw, DP, Wayland, M, Morrissey, CA, Muir, DCG, Elliott, KH
2012 Environmental Science and Technology (Date Added: 2015-01-23)

7- Differential exposure of alpine ospreys to mercury: Melting glaciers, hydrology or deposition patterns?
Guigueno, MF, Elliott, KH, Levac, J, Wayland, M, Elliott, JE
2012 Environment International (Date Added: 2015-01-23)

6- Determining seabird body condition using nonlethal measures
Jacobs, SR, Elliott, K, Guigueno, MF, Gaston, AJ, Redman, P, Speakman, JR, Weber, J-M
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4- How small is too small? Incubation of large eggs by a small host
Stewart, RLM, Guigueno, MF, Sealy, SG
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2- Clutch abandonment by parasitized yellow warblers: Egg burial or nest desertion?
Guigueno, MF, Sealy, SG
2010 Condor (Date Added: 2019-05-08)

1- Nest sanitation plays a role in egg burial by yellow warblers
Guigueno, MF, Sealy, SG
2009 Ethology (Date Added: 2019-05-08)