Katrine Turgeon

Assistant Professor,
Université du Québec en Outaouais

Département de sciences naturelles
E-mail: katrine.turgeon@mail.mcgill.ca
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Examples of species studied

Holocentrus rufus
Salmo salar


18- Empirical characterization factors for life cycle assessment of the impacts of reservoir occupation on macroinvertebrate richness across the United States
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17- Empirical characterization factors to be used in LCA and assessing the effects of hydropower on fish richness
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15- Boreal river impoundments caused nearshore fish community assemblage shifts but little change in diversity: A multiscale analysis
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14- Macroinvertebrate abundance is lower in temperate reservoirs with higher winter drawdown
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13- Failure to detect ecological and evolutionary effects of harvest on exploited fish populations in a managed fisheries ecosystem
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12- Supply and demand drive a critical transition to dysfunctional fisheries
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2- Selection of diurnal refuges by the nocturnal squirrelfish, Holocentrus rufus
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2008 Environmental Biology of Fishes (Date Added: 2018-10-10)

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