Lars Lonsmann Iversen

Assistant Professor,
McGill University

Département de Biologie
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PhD in Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark MSc in Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark BSc in Geography and Geoinformatics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


My research sets out to improve our understanding of freshwater ecosystems and how these are responding to global change. Doing so, I study contemporary changes in landform types, the distribution of species functional adaptations to life in water, and the interlinkage between landscape changes and ecosystem functioning. My research combines observational field data, museum collections, public data resources, and modelling to describe the reciprocity between biodiversity and freshwater in the landscape. In addition, I work with method development within biodiversity monitoring, including remote sensing, automated image classification, and environmental DNA based monitoring.

QCBS students

Lindsay Trottier

(Start: 2023)
Understanding global change in freshwater ecosystems via the functional biogeography of aquatic plants

Christophe Brabant

(Start: 2024)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Laura Pollock
Mapping the global impact of anthropogenic threats to freshwater biodiversity

Grace Fedirchuk

(Start: 2023)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Irene Gregory-Eaves
Uncovering historic macrophyte assemblage dynamics in southern Quebec lakes using sedimentary DNA

Examples of species studied

Populus tremuloides
Graphoderus bilineatus
Thermomyces lanuginosus


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