Marie-Hélène Brice

Adjunct Professor,
Université de Montréal

Institut de recherche en biologie végétale
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We seek to understand how forests respond to global changes, including climate warming, forest management and urbanization.
We study changes in forest communities over space and time by analyzing taxonomic and functional biodiversity as well as forest dynamics in order to understand their causes and consequences.
Our research is driven by a strong desire to translate scientific findings into knowledge for conservation and management.

QCBS students

théophile kabasele walelu

(Start: 2022, End: 2026)
Expansion of northern marginal populations of temperate forest species under climate change

Marianne Bouthillette

Other (co-)supervisor: Pierre-Luc Couillard, Direction des inventaires forestiers (MRNF)
(Start: 2023, End: 2025)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Pierre Legendre
Plant diversity changes in balsam fir-yellow birch forests of eastern Quebec (Canada)

Chloé LeBlanc-Gagné

(Start: 2021)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Stéphanie Pellerin
Diversité végétale dans les pelouses en gestion différenciée

Mélanie Primeau

(Start: 2022, End: 2024)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Stéphanie Pellerin
Effets of emerald ash borer on biodiversity and succession in urban forests.

Previous students (since 2009)

Samuel Martin

(Start: 2022, End: 2023)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Stéphanie Pellerin
Analyse comparative de la performance et des fonctions écologiques offertes par différents mélanges d'ensemencement dans des fosses de trottoir en milieu urbain


6- Mosses and vascular plants show diverging diversity patterns along a latitudinal gradient in boreal bogs and fens
Journal Article
2024 Journal of Vegetation Science (Date Added: 2024-05-27)

5- A regional integrated assessment of the impacts of climate change and of the potential adaptation avenues for Quebec’s forests
Journal Article
Boulanger Y , Puigdevall J P , Bélisle A C , Bergeron Y , Brice M , Cyr D , De Grandpré L , Fortin D , Gauthier S , Grondin P , Labadie G , Leblond M , Marchand M , Splawinski T B , St-Laurent M , Thiffault E , Tremblay J A , Yamasaki S H ,
2023 Canadian Journal of Forest Research (Date Added: 2023-11-02)

4- Ecological Classification in Forest Ecosystem Management: Links Between Current Practices and Future Climate Change in a Québec Case Study
Book Book Chapter
Grondin P , Brice M , Boulanger Y , Morneau C , Couillard P , Richard P J H , Chalumeau A , Poirier V ,
2023 Advances in Global Change Research (Date Added: 2023-04-08)

3- Changes in beta diversity and species functional traits differ between saplings and mature trees in an old-growth forest
Journal Article
Kirk D A , Brice M , Bradstreet M S , Elliott K A ,
2021 Ecology and Evolution (Date Added: 2021-12-03)

2- Moderate disturbances accelerate forest transition dynamics under climate change in the temperate–boreal ecotone of eastern North America
Journal Article
Brice M , Vissault S , Vieira W , Gravel D , Legendre P , Fortin M ,
2020 Global Change Biology (Date Added: 2020-06-08)

1- Vegetation changes in temperate ombrotrophic peatlands over a 35 year period
Journal Article
Pinceloup N , Poulin M , Brice M , Pellerin S ,
2020 PloS one (Date Added: 2020-02-24)