Anna Lippold

McGill University
Candidat Ph.D.

superviseur(e): Mélanie Guigueno
Jonathan Verreault, UQAM
Début: 2020-09-02


Neural correlates of spatial ability in relation to contaminant exposure in urbanized ring-billed gulls
My PhD project examines how free-ranging spatial ability as well as experiment-tested spatial memory is expressed in hippocampal endpoints, such as volume, neurogenesis, or number of neurons or glial cells, and how those relate to contaminant exposure. I will use urbanized ring-billed gulls breeding in a colony close to Montréal to answer my research questions, as they reportedly have a large variability in spatial behaviour and contaminant exposure.


spatial memory, contaminant exposure, neurogenesis, hippocampus, ring-billed gull


1- Two Decades of Mercury Concentrations in Barents Sea Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) in Relation to Dietary Carbon, Sulfur, and Nitrogen
Lippold, Anna, Jon Aars, Magnus Andersen, Aurore Aubail, Andrew E. Derocher, Rune Dietz, Igor Eulaers, Christian Sonne, Jeffrey M. Welker, Øystein Wiig, Heli Routti
2020 Environmental Science & Technology

2- Temporal Trends of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Barents Sea Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) in Relation to Changes in Feeding Habits and Body Condition
Lippold, Anna, Sophie Bourgeon, Jon Aars, Magnus Andersen, Anuschka Polder, Jan Ludvig Lyche, Jenny Bytingsvik, Bjørn Munro Jenssen, Andrew E. Derocher, Jeffrey M. Welker, Heli Routti
2018 Environmental Science & Technology