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The Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science results from a partnership initiated by ten Quebec academic institutions, in collaboration with one public organization and one governmental organization. This initiative was made possible in 2009 through a FRQNT grant for the creation of a strategic cluster. Since its creation in 2009, the QCBS is directed by Andrew Gonzalez of McGill University. To learn more, please read the director’s view… Biodiversity science is an emerging and highly integrative field of research. The QCBS represents a source of research and training excellence in biodiversity science for the academic community, government, and public of Québec. By bringing together over 120 researchers, the QCBS facilitates and enhances the training of hundreds of highly qualified professionals for Québec’s future. Read more about the QCBS missions… The QCBS is based at McGill University and it is administrated by the director and coordinator.  Under the director’s guidance, the coordinator manages the centre’s operations. Learn more about the QCBS governance:

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