Najet Guefradj



The coordinator is responsible for running the operations and the coordination of QCBS activities:

  • She is in charge of the planning, organization, development and realization of the activities of the QCBS in order to carry out the missions of the Center through the achievement of the objectives and decisions adopted by the committee of direction.
  • She is responsible for the day-to-day management of QCBS’s operations, oversees their control and development.
  • Coordinates the implementation of the QCBS’s scientific plan in the short and long term in collaboration with the scientific directors.

Yella Jovich

Administrative and financial manager


Yella is responsible for:

  • Producing the necessary financial and administrative documentation according to the mandate of the Director of Operations. Monitoring the compliance with university and departmental budget policies and procedures. Primary source of information in the best practices of the Centre within McGill.
  • Acting as resource person for professors and their students at McGill and for other partner institutions.
  • Supporting the QCBS student network initiatives, which includes the logistics of workshops, advertising events, financial support, venue, vendors.
  • Acting as the liaison person and resource person for organizers and participants to workshops, symposium and training courses.
  • Coordinating the collection of information and the edition of the QCBS monthly newsletter

Members by university and status