This year, the QCBS aims at organizing a Symposium as sustainable as possible.

Why a more sustainable event?

According to the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables, a typical conference participant:

  • produces five times the amount of garbage than usual.
  • produces as much greenhouse gases emissions than a one-month car use

How the QCBS helps?

The Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables published a guide for event organizers, and the QCBS is taking some initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint.

  • Reduction of the amount of printed material;
  • Use of recycled paper;
  • Distribution of surplus food;
  • Caterer service that uses a good proportion of food from local production;
  • Surveys to participant to calculate the amount of CO2 released during the transportation of participants to and from the site.


How you can help?

  • Use public transportation to get to the Symposium;
  • Bring your own mug for your beverages;
  • Place your garbage in the appropriate bins;
  • Answer to the survey


Using the public transit

For those of you travelling to Montreal for the conference, we encourage you to take the bus, the train or to carpool amongst colleagues. For all your other travels within Montreal, you can use the handy Tous Azimuts, STM’s planning tool which also calculates how much carbon emissions you’ve curbed by choosing to use public transit.

From the airport

To reach the downtown area using public transit from the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport, you can use the 747 bus which brings you to the Berri-UQAM station, the main hub of Montreal’s public transit.

From Berri-UQAM station (and autocar terminal)

To get to the conference from Berri-UQAM, take the metro towards Angrignon station (green line) and exit at Place-des-Arts station. From there, take the northbound 80 bus and exit at the intersection of Parc Avenue and Prince-Arthur. Alternatively, you can also walk to New Residence Hall from Place-des-Arts station in 15 minutes.